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Danse libre       Respire, Ressens, Révèle ... 

Crédit photo et vidéo : Marielle Seznec 
Lieu : Au Regard du Cygne 

I am the water , I undulate and let myself be lulled by the wave, I am the earth, nourisher, I put down roots,

I am the fiery, vibrant and impetuous fire , I am a thousand and one spangles in the air!

Domini que Dahan

What will I discover and experience?

Danse libre et essentielle, danse essentielle, danse sensitive, danse intuitive, danse créative, corps libre en mouvements, approche somatique du mouvement libre, respire, ressens, révèle, magie de l'instant , poésie dansée, danse du sensible , lacher prise, danse de l'être, lacher les tensions, lacher le mental

Through mobility, I connect and recognize my beautiful and sensitive part in the other, my mirror. By listening to my body, I lighten my weight, ease my tensions, and gradually regain possession of my full radiance.

To move towards these subtle states of transformation, I will explore different facets of myself, through play and through playful tools and experiments in solo, duo or small groups.

For everyone!

No prerequisites are necessary, everyone can come and experience their dance and let themselves be guided by their intuition.

The secure and caring space allows this freedom of movement linked to the energy and power of a collective of dancers.

Each free and ESSENTIAL DANCE session will take you on a new journey through space with, as a compass, the subtle listening to your body and the music.

Become the hero or heroine of your dance and let the magic of the moment work.

Danse libre, danse de l'être, danse intuitive, danse sensitive, danse créative, magie de l'instant, improvisations dansées, corps libre en mouvement, approche somatique du corps libre en mouvement,danse ta vie, danse thérapie

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