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Bodies in motion - Poetry of the moment...

Video credit: Marielle Seznec
Location: The Swan’s Gaze

  Be moved, free yourself, flourish...

Your body carries the weight of your history.

​It is the reflection of your unconscious part. Allowing yourself to be free in your movements means succeeding in freeing yourself from all forms of guilt, it means taking care and possession of this body, so as not to be constructed as an object of desire but like a PLEASURE-BODY where I validate myself as a human being.

By embodying your own sensuality, you eminently deploy it and broadcast it to the world, you become connected to your deep nature.

Free and sensory expression...


Listen, breathe, feel...


  By extending your breath, your intuitive and spontaneous gesture, you will create your personal work

or collective depending on the path taken.

Space offers you this freedom of movement, it is a metaphor for the moment where imagination and poetry come together.

The ultimate goal is to have fun and enhance our infinite potential.

Metamorphosis of the moment...

Hatching in full flight...

  Through mobility, you enter into a connection and recognize your beautiful and sensitive part in the other, your mirror.

By listening to your body, you lighten your weight, ease your tensions, and gradually regain possession of your full radiance.

Corps en mouvement , danse libre, danse essentielle,

Photo and video credit Marielle Seznec

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