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Dominique Dahan Essential Dance

Photo credit: Marielle Seznec
Location: Au Regard du Cygne

Who am I ?

Since I was little, free dance has accompanied me everywhere, frees me, connects me to my dreams, it is my channel, my bubble of joy.

As a jewelry designer, I have always been passionate and fascinated by the richness of our imagination.

I love creating, weaving, improvising, making connections and the poetry of dancing bodies.

The skillful and precise gesture of my hands that create a piece of jewelry does not trace the same story as when my entire body unfolds in space.

These two complementary and distinct passions have in common the magic and poetry of the moment.

Creating DANCE ESSENTIELLE was born during confinement at the same time as my passion for reading poems out loud.

Dancing every day in my living room when the world was at a standstill acted as a catalyst.

By listening to my body, to the music, to my sensations, I was able to release tension and let my light shine.

Trained by ARTEC in the “body and dance” modules by Dominique Hautreux and Virginie Rossigneux, I also have around fifteen years of practice in free dance and somatic approach during numerous workshops.

It is with joy that I invite you to discover my ESSENTIAL DANCE sessions in a caring and rejuvenating setting.

Dominique Dahan

Dominique Dahan Essential Dance

Cette photo noir et blanc a été prise sur le vif par ma fille . 

J'aime beaucoup ce qu'elle traduit de spontané et vivant en moi. 

Une partie de mon visage dissimulée par mes cheveux évoque

implicitement ma face cachée, plus mystérieuse et intime. 

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